KO and the relevance to present day India!

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              The recent Tamil Movie KO has got a good feedback from the masses. Thanks to the timing and some excellent cinematography. From a critical stand point, there have been a number of complaints of how the subject has been mishandled and dramatized.

While all of that is partly true, we are forgetting some very real aspects of the Indian/Tamil Nadu politics this movie has portrayed. Let us also keep in mind that being released in the Tamil movie industry this was no exception from being hijacked by the largest family in Tamil Nadu. As a result of which we saw some isolated scenes in the movie supporting the actions of the existing government.

After watching the movie, I was very impressed by the concept of Photo journalism. Being a person interested in photography I was really impressed at the photography displayed in the movie especially during the opening of the movie. We will also have to give credit to the music and the locations of the songs, though the timing of the songs in the movie is questionable.

Moving beyond the basics and technical aspects of the movie, we get to the underlying message of the movie. For more than 75% of the running time of the movie, the central theme or the message of the movie appeared to be Youth’s contribution to politics. How infusing the enthusiasm and the sincerity of youth only can take Politics (both in Tamil Nadu and in India) to greater levels of transparency and towards excellence.

Then comes the twist to the story, this is where the Director shines brightly and so does the underlying message. The need for the hour is not youth, but it is “Honest” citizen who are willing to take on the baton of being accountable and responsible citizen representative. It highlights impressively how irrespective of whether being a youth or not, one’s actions are governed by their principles. “Youth” factor doesn’t necessarily mean honesty. This is indeed the harsh reality in India today.

At a time when the average age group of Indians is less than 40, we needed a veteran like Anna Hazare, who is past his retirement age to spear head the anti corruption campaign. What in Anna Hazare made him a popular figure and generate so much of following. It was certainly not his age, it was his honesty that created trust and a mass following.

Having said that, can Anna Hazare or the lokpal bill drafted under his supervision be the solution to our corruption problems? The answer is far from ‘Yes’ infact very very far. As per the lokpal bill, the chair persons for the lokpals and the lokayukthas are going to noted personalities from different walks of life and normal citizens. How many of them are honest?? That is the 176 lakh crore Rupees Question!!!

Consider small independent group of citizens, for instance a Colony association or a flat owners association with just 10 members. The operations of these small groups are any thing but smooth. Constant accusation of money laundering, misuse of association funds, so on and so forth. These small associations we are talking about are handling money in the range of few hundreds or few thousands. They award work to workers they know, side with some members of the group and sideline others. With this being the case, how do we expect these same citizens to sit in the lokpals or lokayukthas and deliver justice?

The need of the hour is not a youth leader or another bill, it is Enforcement of the existing laws and accountability of the people in office. Moreover, the need is for a fundamental shift in the mindset of every single citizen, not just the politicians or the bureaucrats. Like Tamil Comedian Vivek, portrayed in one of his comedies, it is the case of the chicken and egg story, which stops first. But then, as seen in most of the success stories of any organization the directions come from the top. Successful are those teams that are lead from the front by the leaders.

The same has to happen in India too, we need honest and sincere leaders at the top to lead us from the front. It doesn’t matter, if that person is a youth or a veteran, emphasis is on honesty and clean principles.

Unfortunately KO ended up being a half cooked meal, with no clear message at the end. This is mostly due to the pressure from the producers as was evident from the message regarding freebies in the movie.


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  1. “jaya ho” in TN now.. TN people proved that they are not fools..

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