Top 10 worst gifts for your female friend!!!

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birthday gift

The other day, along with a friend of mine, we were trying to find a good gift for one of our friends. Given the fact how knowledgeable we were in these things, we were never close to deciding on anything (poor store keeper, he showed us every single item in the store).

The so called practical thinker in me was against getting anything like flower vase, crystal vase or any other thing which doesn’t serve a practical purpose and my friend was equally clueless. So banking on my practical thinking he landed with an innocent idea of gifting a “Weighing Machine” for her. What a brilliant idea??? 😛

I can hear your mind voice already 😀 I realized what  a bad idea it was and later in the day when we all met at Tuscana Pizzeria in Nungambakkam (which is a good Italian restaurant btw), we decided to find out what our female friends’ thoughts are on this.

Apart from being ridiculed for our totally lack of sense, here are the items that came up with deodorant being at the top of the list.

So here goes the list, never gift these:

1) Deodorant

2) Weighing Machine of course 😉 (it is a bad gift idea in the first place, leave alone for a girl)

3) Cookery book

4) Dictionary or a thesaurus (again a bad gift idea overall)

5)  Gadgets (it seems iPod is an exception, and strictly no gaming consoles)

6) Home appliances (Kitchen appliances a strict no no)

7) Beauty supplies ( there seems to be some different opinions on this, nevertheless)

8 ) Re-tweeting is cool, re-gifting is not (whatever the item might be, and even if you still do it, remember to remove your incoming name stickers)

9) ___________

10) ______________

Well the title suggests Top ten, but then I could gather only 8, never mind when ever I hit the number 10, I don’t have to change the title (my laziness instinct)!

Share your ideas in the comments below!


2 Responses to “Top 10 worst gifts for your female friend!!!”

  1. 9. Personality Development books (Absolutely No Shiv Kheras and Robin Sharmas)
    10. Gift Cards (Coz they’ll never be satisfied by the amount in it)


  2. Which pretty much sums up the fact…girls pretty much dont like any useful gift…anything we give is going to be a euphemism…

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