What does Pakistan want after all?

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Pakistan was successful in projecting an image of inability in controlling the terror network all along. Post OBL, that is getting increasingly difficult. The entire episode of Osama Bin Laden’s “assassination” by the US forces in Pakistan has come as a complete embarrassment to the Pakistan government and military. It is funny, that unable to do anything about the US presence, one after another Pakistan officials both from the government and military establishment are threatening India with dire consequences if they try something similar.

This is after India’s Prime Minister clearly rejecting any such ideas himself. Even going by the track record of India, irrespective of the ability of the armed forces, the political circles do not have it in them to take up such an action. So why is Pakistan barking against an empty sky??? Thankfully, India has shown some maturity by not responding to such unwarranted statements from the Pakistani establishment.

Pakistan cannot do anything about the US forces, for everything in Pakistan is funded by the US. They do not have an economy. I don’t think they even have a development plan in place to take care of their country’s growth.

United States, wants to be the most dominant force in the world, India and China are vying for top spots in GDP growth, and while other countries are having similar growth goals, I guess Pakistan has a singular goal, to be the No.1 terror state in the world. I must admit they are being very successful in that.

One can certainly understand if a group of fanatics want violence and death, which is detrimental to their own growth, leave alone destroying others, but how could one nation as a whole have such a degenerative motive. India and Pakistan achieved freedom at the same time, technically, Pakistan got it earlier than India. Still, Pakistan has largely remained an under developed country thriving on financial support from US on one hand and China on the other.

Year after year ISI trained militants are push into the Indian side of LOC and ensure peace does not prevail in the region. After all, what does Pakistan want? Kashmir? I don’t think they will stop at that. Yes, Indira Gandhi did play a pivotal role in the separation of Bangladesh as a separate state, so what? Pakistan wants freedom for Kashmir, but what have they done to their own freedom? Where is the 70 years worth of freedom gone? At least Bangladesh, after being an independent state, is trying to make some economic progress, and now they are known for their textile industry and are fast catching up in a number of other segments as well. Where is Pakistan heading?

Sorry but one cannot think of Pakistan in anything but terror links and that occasional Onion export to India. How much ever one wants to de link Pakistan from terror, that is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. I completely fail to understand the mind set and thought process that must be going on in the minds of the Pakistani officials who are running the government and the army. For one, Pakistan is being “Used” by vested interests, who don’t want peace in the region, China and US included, so that they can keep supplying defense supplies to both the countries and their economies can thrive on that. Secondly, the religious fanatics have been influencing the Pakistan top brass, as the various terror organization now don’t have a number of options after Saudi Arabia denounced all form of terrorism and Afghanistan coming under American super vision. Can’t the Pakistan establishment really not see the ‘Big Picture’ or just turning a blind eye towards all of that and leading Pakistan towards a point of no return?

I have interacted with a number of different people of Pakistani origin, all of them have come across as very soft, friendly and likeable people. After all, they are our own distant cousins. It is sad to note, how much of a difference it makes to one’s life style and living being on different sides of the border. There seems to be fundamentally wrong with Pakistan, right from the days of partition up until today. There seem to be a lack of visionary. May be education is making the difference between the two countries, the lack of awareness and the lack of rational thinking to decide between right and wrong is making a huge impact.

I can only wish, that some day Pakistan gets a visionary who would lead them from darkness to light. Yes, being an Indian, there is a selfish motive to see peace in the region, but more so, for the millions of good souls in Pakistan who are helpless and are far from being on the same thought plane as the military leaders and other government official who are leading Pakistan into a point of no return.


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  1. Interesting… but like you said, I don’t see how an entire people can have the desire to be the #1 terror state in the world. But we have to remember, Pakistan is not run by its “entire people”. It is run by a militant government. I’m a believer in the idea that revolution and freedom will come to a country that is ready for it, because if a majority of the population is willing to fight to overthrow an abusive government, then I feel the government simply cannot hold out against them. It is certainly an easier struggle for some over others, and one that has to develop over time and only comes to the patient. I think the “soft, friendly, likeable” people of Pakistan you have met are the only hope for the future of their country.

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