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Frustrated with “USB device cannot be stopped now” message? Here is some remedy!

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How many times have we tried to eject an USB device when we are in a hurry and see the following message:

USB eject error

It varies from being an inconvenience to irritation based on the circumstances. Nevertheless, it is a headache most of us face one time or the other. Well, what most of us do is to just unplug the USB and take it. Thanks to a paper presentation that we did along with my friend Sudharshun, we understand that though this might work most of the times, this could damage your USB drive permanently which is certainly not the desired outcome, more so if it contains some important documents.

I was sure there will be a solution for this somewhere out in this complex world of web and did what we do for any other problem. Google! Well as usual it came up with a number of different suggestions, but the one that seem to be simple enough was this.

There is a free utility called Unlocker. What this does is, it checks which process in our computer is locking the USB device and gives us the option to Unlock from the process or kill the process itself.

unlocker screen

It is fairly simple from here on, go ahead and Unlock the process and try ejecting the USB device, voila it is done. I now have one less problem 🙂

You can find the download file here. I have installed it on my PC and have not faced any virus/malware attacks. However please download and install at your own risk.